Testimonials from Classroom Teachers

7th-Grade Social Studies Teacher: Pat's Testimonial filmed in 2009 (51 seconds) Pat teaches 7th-grade social studies. For the most part, she teaches the social studies curriculum through the textbook. Along with language arts teacher Mary Ann and me, she cotaught the classroom-library 7th-grade interdisciplinary unit, which included students building background knowledge by reading a historical fiction novel before using trade books to research an event from American history. Students used the 7th-Grade Inquiry Pathfinder for this project. The project Pat describes in her testimonial centered on students locating copyright-free, public domain photographs or other illustrations related to an event or topic from the Great Depression. They created visual PowerPoint presentations, which they projected, while orally sharing the information they had learned from the textbook and Web-based resources.

High School English Teacher: Sherri's Testimonial filmed in 2009 (1 minute, 51 seconds) At the time of this recording, Sherri was a high school English teacher; she had just earned her principal certificate. (She was also Kelly's mentor teacher.) An experienced teacher who had never before worked collaboratively with a teacher-librarian, Sherri charges preservice school librarians to take on a leadership role in instruction in their schools.